Word for 2016: Fulfilled.


At the end of every year I like to ask for a word for the coming year. It gives me something positive to focus on, to relax into, or to put my energy toward.

Last year it was ‘movement’ and boy was it eveerrr a year of movement! So many trips, and SO MUCH activity. So much running and skipping and dancing through open doors and exploring new places. And, while I believe it helped me ‘move’ through some really deep soul spaces and not get too heavy with it all, it also kept me busy and breathless alot.

So this year when I heard the word ‘fulfilled’ I let out a bit of a sigh. It sounded so nice and relaxing and comforting to me. FULFILLED. Like when you’ve just eaten a big meal and you’re so completely satisfied, and you are in want of nothing. That’s what I think of when I think of the word ‘fulfilled.’ Here’s hoping that also means a bit of REST for this adventure weary soul. That perhaps this will be a year of sitting on my front porch, sipping my iced mocha, while I watch my kids play in the grass and feel completely satisfied. Perhaps I will kick back a little and see the reward of my efforts in 2015.

Let’s hope so. Cuz that was CRAZY, and I’m a wee tiny bit tired and out of breath over here.

Do you have a word for this year? What does it mean to you? Please share it in the comments…I’d love to hear it!