Out With the Old, In With the New!

Hey guys! It’s here! I finally have a new website for my blog, and this girl is soooooo happy about that!

Over the past few weeks, my web designer, Abraham, and I have poured many hours of creative energy into creating something that you guys will LOVE, and I’m so thrilled to present you with this new format! One of the main goals in this change was to make it more fun and more interactive for you, and to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

One of the things I am personally excited about is the new “photo contest” section, because as we all know, I am a weakling for a good photo. I will be announcing our first photo contest on my Facebook page in a few days, so be on the lookout for that. Also, I love a good quote, and that’s why I’ve included some of my favorites in a section called “happy quotes.” Check ’em out!

Another thing I’m excited about is the new recipe format, because well, who doesn’t love a good recipe?? Hopefully this one will make it easier (and, FASTER!) for me to post, and even easier for you to follow, print, and make the recipes (aka, FOOD).


So there ya go, my beautiful peeps…welcome! I hope you kick around a bit and get to know your cozy new “home”!

It’s been fun creating it, and I hope you have fun exploring it! Many thanks to Abraham at Fort Collins Design for putting up with me spilling my coffee on his laptop, not  once but TWICE, and spilling my big ideas all over his neatly organized,  html brain! You rocked it, Abe!

And to all you readers, who continue to stretch and grow and stick it out with me, you are beautiful and you make it all fun, and sooo WORTH it!

I want you to remind you that you are always welcome here, to bring your stories, to give your feedback, or just simply relax and be inspired!

Cheers to you…and to the new!

This is Me. (Over Editing and Breaking Out of Boxes)

I recently came to the realization that my life and this blog have become way too edited.

There’s been too many words deleted, too many sentences corrected, too many thoughts or ideas, perfected, even sometimes, before they leave my head.

And I don’t like it.

Lately there have been far too many “drafts” that never got published, even some that never got finished, because I thought that perhaps they were too serious or too silly, or that they didn’t matter, or that no one would be interested in them.



Crazy how I have somehow turned all those blogging conventions, and lectures from professional money maker blogger people, into something of a perfection guide for my writings.

Oh, they were good, and I have learned a lot of important things from them, like how NOT to do videos, and how to at least try to have a blogging calendar (haha), and how to take somewhat decent pictures of food.

But recently I think I may have taken it a little too far, and tried to get it too right, (duh!) and perhaps it has started to affect my writings here. Mostly just my LACK of writings here. My lack of hitting the publish button, because it doesn’t have a good title, or of finishing a somewhat meaningless thought process, because it doesn’t fit into one of my five categories.

Perhaps it has affected what I delete and keep, a tiny bit too much, and now I just want to write, again. I just want to empty my thoughts on here, uninhibited.

Without excessive use of the backspace.

Truth is, I really enjoy writing, and I really love having a place like this to ramble on about holidays, and spiderwebs, and Southwest, if I want to. Or to talk about how much I miss my dad, because I just need to.

Writing has always been therapeutic FUN for me, a sort of cosmic release for the pressures of life and society and what is expected of me. It has always been a welcome sigh of relief, of worry, of stress, and the grief that I carry.

For me, the purpose of writing has been and always will be, to release myself from my own head, rules and boxes and all, and just say what I want to say.

Because this is how I process. Because I’m an adult, and I have words. And because those words need to come out.

That is the beauty of it. They are MY words and they are meant to be spoken, not edited. They are meant to be released, not deleted.




And so here I am, stripping myself of rules and boxes, and so many edited pictures. Of SEO’s and taglines, and proper writing etiquette, (if there ever was any!) and just being ME.

The adult me with words.

Because that’s who I am. Before I am a blogger, an author, or even a writer, I am a woman with words.

Silly words. Awesome words. Weird, intelligent, and meaningless words. But above all, necessary words.

And so, in an effort to return to my absolute love for words and writing, and this blog, I have decided to write anything and everything that I want to write, and PUBLISH it, for the next 60 days!

Is that OK with you, my darlings? Is it OK if I just come here and pour out my thoughts, because I just love it so dang much? Is it OK, if not all of it makes sense to you, or to me, or to anyone?

And also, is it OK with you if I just don’t use the backspace button, anymore? Ever??

Or at least not for 60 days?

Alright then, deal.