Adios Autumn.

Ok I am seriously behind on this post. I meant to show you what I was doing for fall, before it was Christmas, but here I am, three weeks till Christmas…It’s past Thanksgiving. And way past fall.

But hey, just for you…before I tear everything down and set up the tree, here’s a few late-coming pictures of my fall decor and craft projects. Well, mostly because I just need to. It will make me feel better about myself:

Remember that nature walk?  These are some of the treasures we found. I hung them on fishing line inside this gorgeous glossy frame from Hobby Lobby. Twelve dollars, baby.

And, here’s the wall hanging that never made it onto the wall. It will be fun to pull it out next season!

I just re-painted this muslin canvas wall hanging and glued a bunch of odd buttons onto it, to spell the word f-a-l-l across it. It was harder than you might think, to get it centered and spaced right. Yeah, I’m talented.

Even now I think it looks a little disheveled. But I’ve probably stared at it one too many times.

I decorated with tomatoes (from my own garden!) this year. I had visions of stacking green and red ones separately in tall cylinder vases to set on the mantle, but never actually got it done.

Eventually I found this gorgeous green plate at Ross for under two bucks and it morphed into this.

And that’s pretty much it, for fall decor. Adios Autumn. Till next September. Er. December.

Bring on the Christmas tree!

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